Thursday, July 17, 2008

Let's start off slowly, and get an understanding first.

First off, greetings to everyone out there. I have been meaning to blog about this for the longest time because I have a lot to say about interracial relationships, especially when it comes to black men and white men - and I have the experience to actually back it up - so believe me, you won't be bored with my take on the subject. Secondly, I am no big time HTML programmer so my blog page may not have the most eye candy to dazzle you, but at least if you read this and you understand, and some of you can relate to it, then I've succeeded in what I set out to do.

These relationships have been going on since the beginning of time - the only difference is that just recently people are slowly accepting the reality of the gay and bisexual relationships, and guys like me are getting braver by the day and we are no longer "afraid" to discuss them any more.

To tell you the truth, as I am sitting here and thinking, this subject is still kind of "Taboo" to certain people, to certain groups, to the news media in general it is not really discussed. Not why that is, I don't really know - perhaps there are not enough news stories at this time to do a report on this topic, I don't know. I'm not a sociologist - all I can say is that a majority of people know it exists, but overall, it is simply not discussed.

Why is that? I mean, Yahoo! recently did an article on gay celebrities, and showed a few white men with their partners - does this mean that there isn't ONE black male celebrity who is openly gay or still in the closet that doesn't have a white partner, or vice-versa? I don't believe that. With all the black gay male celebrities or athletes out there, I refuse to believe that not one of them has a white lover - unless they prefer to just be with their own race (which may be possible, but not ALL of them).

And to the black men and white men who say that they flat out REFUSE to date another man outside of their own race: You are either closed-minded, or you are a closet racist and you just don't see it. Yeah, I WENT THERE. You're damn right I did. Now if you don't like what I said, have the courage and get your mind right enough to reply to this blog and tell me I'm wrong. The same goes for you boys and men who are gay or bisexual or are just plain confused who sit there and say that you refuse to entertain the idea of dating an Asian or Hispanic or any other race.

In my eyes, you're acting like cowards or you're just too self-absorbed to give someone from another walk of life a chance to get close to you. I always say, "Don't knock it until you try it.". Now you may say that I'm a Liberal. If being someone who embraces all people and walks of life and accepts them for who they are, then I guess I AM a Liberal.

But don't mistake my ideals for accepting people from any nationality or race for condoning promiscuous activity. I do not in any way condone promiscuous activity. In fact, I am an advocate for abstaining from excessive sexual activity - especially due to the fact that HIV transmission rates are poorly reported in the media. Yes, I understand that no one wants to talk about it - why? Because it scares everyone. And it SHOULD scare people because it is a very real threat, and even after 27 years, people are out there having unprotected sex like it were the 1960's.

But I'll save that discussion for another blog. Getting back to the topic at hand, I really would like to understand why the repression of the gay interracial relationships exist. The media has no problem with reporting or discussing straight interracial relationships - celebrities like Tiger Woods, and several others I can't name at this time because I don't have a list prepared - but it exists and it really puts me in mind of the way it was 20-30 years ago when it was taboo to discuss or report on black and white relationships in the media. The networks didn't think that it was "proper" to do reports on those people back then.

Well, here we are in 2008 and obviously the stigma of fear related to the "straight" mixed relationships or marriages now has transferred to the gay relationships of this day and age. OR, could it be that the celebrities that we know who are engaged in mixed gay relationships are keeping their activities on the down low enough not to get photographed or are they simply paying the paparazzi not to publicize these pictures?

Yes, I get the argument about privacy. Not any of our business. But regardless, they seem to find a lot of celebs and get the "scoop" for the public to read about or watch on television...well, if we're going to be bombarded with these stories, let's get them ALL. Why discriminate??

Now these aren't interracial relationships, but men like Eddie Murphy and Johnny Gill - Raz B and Chris Stokes (and let's not forget all the members of B2K that Chris Stokes had sexual intercourse with...)

Even more like Omarion and Bow Wow...let's get it out there, people. We know what's going on. People are so scared that they are going to harm their reputation or their fan base when the truth is at least they would be free mentally because they wouldn't have to hide who they really are from the public.